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We are a team of communications experts.


What makes our culture unique is that with us, what you see is what you get. Our core team remains engaged with clients from start to finish, demonstrating commitment and sharing expertise at every step of a client engagement. We are always a phone call away. Our team chemistry is genuine with a camaraderie that spans both professional and personal lives. And, we nurture a progressive work environment that encourages our colleagues to work flexible hours, harness their own personal style, and pursue their individual passions resulting in a happy and more productive team achieving consistently better results for clients.




Feeler of all feelings. Nothing in half-measures. Award-winning publicist. Gin-lover. Does tricks for biscuits & cookies. Perpetual dreamer of escaping to far-away places.



Believer that life is short, and your heels shouldn't be. Business Guru. Sets the goals high and doesn't stop when she gets there. Strictly a Sauvignon Blanc Diva.

Dionne [aka Dee]


Mama Bird. Chatty, charming, and more connected than the FBI. Lover of furry creatures. Publicist extraordinaire. Self-confessed Vino-phobic [fear of running out of wine].

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